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Hey Kevin
You’re right…they’re hard to find…used.
I do think that this is a testimony to the industry = no one let’s them go.
Have you tried paving companies in the area? I stripe for a paving company and they have a striper in their shop. If you’re fortunate to buy a good one…you may very well also get a client to follow = stripe his/her work!
Have you tried a repair shop? Sometimes they’ll have a rebuilt one to sell. Rare…but worth a try.
Have you tried a local Sherwin Williams…or Rodda Paint company? Sometimes they’ll order one in for a client and then the client backs out. They’ll sell this new model for a little less just to get it off their books.
That said…let me encourage you to consider a new one. Check out the prices for a smaller unit. Don’t forget Titan. http://www.titantool.com I’ve had a Titan for 16 years…I love it…but it just broke…finally! The 2800 model is a great machine. Not too big. Not too small. (I had a 4000.) And…certainly Graco. I just bought one. I love it too.
Kevin…someone like you? = experienced…you can do it. A new one may only be $1000.00 difference. Maybe Rodda paint can order it for you…or SW. That way…you can check paint prices…and have it shipped right to the store…maybe even make a payment or two.
I hope this helped.
Keep in touch.