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I have worked with Gemseal since October of 1981 and it has been my pleasure to have worked with the Mariani family for 27 years. When someone my age (61) is confronted with a dramatic change in life, such as the purchase of our company by Bonsal American, you have a lot of questions concerning this really, I mean really huge change. This purchase process has been going on for several months so we have had a chance go get to know the Bonsal people pretty well. Bonsal is a large company with a small company feel so I don’t expect our customers to see any difference in the family atmosphere that we have always tried to put forth. The only difference anyone should see is the paperwork you will receive. Since I am an old timer in this business any kind of change can be unnerving. but this merger has gone really well. I’m looking forward to working with Bonsal American and I think our customers will like some of the products that are going to be available because of this merger. STAY TUNED, THE BEST IS YET TO COME!