The answer to which application process is better, spray or squeegee is –  it depends. There are reputable companies that use both processes or one or the other, but the condition of the asphalt should play a part in the decision. Up near the house and next to curbs and sidewalks, an edging brush should be used to avoid over-spray. The larger open areas are where the applicator has to make a decision on which process to use.

Over-sealed surfaces can benefit from a spray application – a sealcoat sprayer can leave a thicker coat than with a squeegee. When using a squeegee on a smooth surface with very few voids to accept the sealer, the squeegee leaves very little sealer. The right spray technique can leave a better coat of sealer.

Porous surfaces will always cover well when sealer is applied by squeegee, but can suffer if too light a coat is applied by spray. With spraying there are more variables that come into play, spray tip size and spray wand speed determine how thick the sealer goes on.