Have you ever noticed when our economy even smells like it is going to take a down-turn, slow up, or lord forbid a recession, panicked company owners run to their marketing/advertising departments and begin the shearing process on, what was probably already too lean in the funds department in the first place, budget?

To me, it may be the worst mistake that company owners can make at this time. Why? Well for one they just cut off the life-blood to their business. Two, by slashing their marketing/advertising budget out of fear, they immediately go from a wealth consciousness mentality to a poverty consciousness mentality. In a poverty consciousness, their minds immediately go into scarcity overdrive and their subconscious begins to manufacture exactly what they do not want and are trying so desperately to prevent, their business going under. When a poverty consciousness is running the business, the company will begin to fail at a very rapid speed.

You do not have to be in the metaphysical community any longer to know that we create our own reality. Most people have come online with this fact. That’s right folks, it’s a fact. It’ is not “hoo-do” thinking, it is a proven scientific fact, we do indeed create our own reality. Good, bad or indifferent we have created what we are now experiencing.

The key during this time is not to panic or doing things out of fear. Stay laser-beamed in on creating wealth. What is needed now is for your company and you the owner to begin to adapt, refocus and then evolve. Believe it or not, there are businesses out there making fortunes right now and I am not just talking about the pharmaceutical and fossil fuel industries. Other businesses are making money right now doing something.

What does it mean to adapt, refocus and evolve? Well first take a hard look at your business, your entire business. Find the money leaks and plug them. Hint… these leaks are usually NOT in your advertising budget! Do you cater lunches in too often? While a super nice gesture and very employee friendly, cut back a little here. Turn lights off when rooms are vacant, turn up the thermostat a tad, recycle, reuse, find cheaper travel, etc. Create a “money conserving “task force, have brainstorming meetings coming up with ways of cutting back and saving money, THEN IMPLEMENT THESE IDEAS. You would be surprised how fast your employees will come on board and how much money you can save. 

Wal-Mart, not that I am a huge fan of Wal-Mart, but…they have this type of task force in place and one employee came up with one idea that is now saving Wal-Mart a million dollars a year. What was that idea? The employee’s idea was to turn off the vending machines lights in their break-rooms when people were not in there. Wal-Mart now saves $1,000,000.00 a year in electricity bills. Wow!

One more recommendation I can make is to infuse your advertising budget. The successful companies, in down- turned economic times, do this and it pays off for them. Why? Because these companies understand that in a down-turned economic climate; the only way to stay alive is to become more visible. Be in front of your customer all the time. This type economy takes a more aggressive approach, so be aggressive. However, use your advertising dollars wisely!

Ms. LeFever has spent ten years in the marketing/advertising field. Throughout these years, she has seen a growing need for advertising agencies to specialize in the work they do; catering to specific areas of marketing for specific clients. This prompted Ms. LeFever to open up her own agency dedicated to just that, niche ‘marketing. Ms. LeFever is the owner of Georgia’s only advertising company, Publicite’, that is dedicated to the compact construction industry. You can find Publicite’ on the web at http://www.publicitemkting.com.