This summer Titan employees were able to feature their new line striping equipment when they teamed up with the City of Plymouth Minnesota Park and Recreation Department to help improve their parks. The city needed to update the lines on the parking lot and athletic fields and a team of committed Titan employees were there to deliver. 

Due to tough economic conditions, every city is facing difficult financial times and Titan had a unique solution to help the City of Plymouth, while showcasing their new products.  Rather than testing the new products in a test-lab, the Titan team was able to use the new products in an actual project environment 

A team of Titan employees that included Scott Frost, Chuck Flower, Greg Lew, Sid Levesque and Tom Heine all worked to line stripe the parking lot, stencil in new handicapped parking spots and paint the curbs with the new Titan Speeflo PowrLiner 2850. The PowrLiner 2850 is a rugged, powerful unit capable of delivering all your line striping demands.

All of this hard volunteer work from the Titan employees was a “win-win” situation.  The Titan team was able to get familiar with the new products and see the performance while saving the City of Plymouth labor hours to complete the work.  The City of Plymouth estimated they saved close to $1,000 on this project. 

Lowell Luebeck, City of Plymouth Park Maintenance Supervisor, said “It is wonderful to have great local corporate partners that are willing to share equipment and expertise to help improve the city parks. We appreciate the work and effort from Titan to complete the project and save us money in the process.” 

Once the Titan team completed the line striping, they went to tackle the athletic fields with the new Titan Speeflo PowrLiner 850. This sturdy, lightweight line striper made quick work on the fields, placing fresh, bright new lines on the soccer and baseball fields. The PL850 is also capable of stenciling projects and/or general painting (park benches, fences, buildings (int/ext), etc.) Titan is the only manufacturer in the world that offers this type of line striper:  unique, inexpensive (yet durable), and perfect for parking lot & athletic field line striping.

The Titan team was excited to use the new equipment and help the city. “This was a perfect opportunity to see the precision and performance of the new line stripers,” said Tom Heine, Titan Specialty Business Sales Manager

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