The ROAD CRAB is a new piece of equipment especially designed for the removal of road reflectors. Its time to get your workers off the road and into a bright yellow, easy to see piece of equipment that makes their job safer, faster, easier and more cost effective.

We have taken one of the most dangerous and difficult jobs in the road construction industry and made is so easy any one can do it all day long. All you need is one worker standing in the machine moving a handle forward and back. While another person is driving the towing truck. It really is that easy.

On our first test with TX  DOT we removed two miles of reflectors in one hour, on a very bad road. See that video at http://www.roadcrab.com/videos.html

Why is it named The ROAD CRAB? It Clears Reflectors And Bituminous (or adhesive). It’s replaceable hardened steel blade, slices between the road and thereflector leaving the road undamaged and ready for the new reflector. Using the depth adjustments you can remove as much or as little of the adhesive as you need. You can also easily adjust to changing road conditions or go deeper for those hard to get reflectors.

Our patent pending design has never been seen before; it is a four-wheeled non-motorized machine that can be towed behind any work truck using a standard ball hitch. It comes with two specialty-designed hitches. The Operational Hitch that allows the towing truck to remain in the right lane while the blade on the CRAB rides just over the center line to remove reflectors. The secondary Travel Tow Hitch raises the front two wheels off the road turning the machine into a two-wheel trailer for easy long distant towing.

We are very proud of The ROAD CRAB and we believe once you try it you will want one for every Reflector Removing Crew you have! This is the machine you have been waiting for! Our Machine is 100% American Made!! For more information and to see it in action goto http://www.roadcrab.com/ Or please call us at 903-497-6481 we are happy to answer questions. We are happy to do live demos in East TX or the surrounding areas. If you have a job site in our area and would like to schedule a demo please call.

for more information visit www.roadcrab.com