KEWANEE, Ill., November 11, 2013 – Boasting the largest rubber tire in its class, the BOMAG Cedarapids CR552 mainline paver delivers the power and production required for full-width paving applications such as airports, interstates and state highways, industrial paving projects, and major county road and highway construction. The paver’s heavy-duty frame and bogie pivot, kingpin and bogie bearings offer a class-high hopper load bearing capacity of up to 27 tons (24.5 tonnes), delivering the extra surge capacity necessary to handle mainline paving.

The CR552’s 260 hp (194 kW) diesel engine meets stringent Tier 4i (Stage III B) emissions standards, while offering the power to efficiently handle full-width paving and ample reserve to operate electric screeds and lights for night paving. The 6-cylinder, 24-valve engine varies the fuel stream to use only the amount of fuel necessary for the application, resulting in greater fuel economy and quieter operation.

Featuring the largest drive tire in the industry, the CR552 paver provides 35% greater footprint than comparable pavers for increased flotation. Its heavy-duty rear drive motor offers increased draw-bar pull for superior tractive effort. Contractors can further improve draw-bar pull by up to 50 percent over normal two-wheel drive systems by equipping the paver with the front wheel drive assist option. “With the CR552, contractors get the low cost and higher speeds of a rubber tire paver without sacrificing traction,” says Bill Rieken, road building specialist for BOMAG.

A unique cooling system keeps the CR552 running cooler and the engine compartment cleaner for optimum reliability. A single-width, triple-element radiator efficiently cools engine water, charge air and hydraulic oil, while the hydraulically driven, variable-speed cooling fan turns only as fast as necessary to improve fuel economy and reduce noise levels. Cooling air is drawn from above the hood rather than ground level for cleaner air quality and exists primarily through the front grill, resulting in a pressurized engine compartment that reduces debris infiltration. Unlike pavers with transverse mounted engines, the

CR552’s unique air flow and engine mounting is less likely to affect today’s popular sonic grade control systems with waves of hot air.

The Cedarapids CR552 paver features the patented Frame Raise and Three-Point Suspension Systems. The exclusive Frame Raise System raises and lowers the rear of the paver, which allows the operator to fine-tune the head of material at the spreading augers, reducing segregation. By isolating the frame from the drive system, Three-Point Suspension essentially “floats” the pavers over subbase irregularities, maintaining consistent material feed height at the screed.

A proportional steer assist is available for the CR552 rubber tire paver. This system enhances maneuverability by holding a tighter turning radius and is essential when paving with material transfer devices. Applied in three stages – low, medium and high – the system is controlled by a toggle switch on the operator’s console.  As the steering wheel is turned when the toggle switch is at medium setting, the proportional steering system gradually decreases the signal to the inside drive wheel and increases the signal to the outside tire. This helps maneuverability by allowing the paver to better hold the line, whether paving straight or in cul-de-sacs.

Contractors can equip the CR552 paver with two screed models – the Fastach® 10 or Stretch 20®, both available with either diesel or electric heating systems. Depending on screed model, this 10-ft (3.0-m) paver delivers mainline paving widths reaching 30 ft (9.1 m) at depths up to 12 in (305 mm).

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