November 12, 2010, Port Murray, NJ based Legacy Industrial re-introduces its revolutionary HD-130 coal tar based epoxy patch and resurfacer to end-users and contractors across the USA.  

Recently, Legacy Industrial re-released a product that was formerly used to patch and resurface oil contaminated concrete in aging industrial plants and refineries.  Their HD-130 epoxy patch, specially formulated only in “Black” ,  was designed to reject oil contact and make a superior bond to contaminated substrates.

The formula was recently enhanced to bond strongly to asphalt as well.  This product can be used directly on asphalt roads, parking lots and floors without much more than a good sweeping for preparation.  It reigns supreme at creating transition points between segments of asphalt, patching shallow pot-holes, rebuilding spalled/cracked areas and getting into tight spaces (manhole covers, curb areas, and building walls).  

Tensile: 5128 PSI
Flexural: 7346 PSI
Compressive: 6509 PSI

This product can be used from 1/8” thick to several inches without shrinkage or cracking.  It is typically applied using a steel trowel.   Available in (5) gallon units or in “liquids only” parcels for those interested in using a locally supplied aggregate.  Primers are not required for use, product is self priming.

The pictures attached were taken at an East Hanover, NJ industrial plant.  The end-user reached out to Legacy Industrial, looking for a solution to a concrete approach ramp that needed a strong transition to the asphalt drive.  Strength was hot topic as the ramp is traveled over by 53’ trailers carrying heavy freight several times a day, not to mention plant snow removal services beating at it with steel snowplows.

Local contractor, Lutz Construction of Pipersville, PA applied the product per the manufacturer’s instructions with excellent results.  Ed Lutz was quoted saying” You can tell it’s going to be strong by the density and heat it’s producing while curing”.  This application was applied over 12 months ago and is still fighting those trailers and snow-plows without issue.

This product can be sourced directly from Legacy Industrial, 908-269-8300, www.legacyindustrial.net, PO Box 133 Port Murray, NJ 07865.