Manufactured by SWARCO COLORADO PAINT COMPANY, we have implemented the same innovative concepts and quality standards to produce exceptional products that you have grown to rely on with the SWARCO name.  

SWARCO COLORADO PAINT COMPANY offers an exclusive line of waterborne traffic paints that are formulated to meet your striping needs:





Waterborne Paints:

1110 Series Ultra High Build Waterborne Acrylic Traffic Paint  (TTP-1952E Type III)

1140 Series Waterborne Acrylic Traffic Paint (TTP-1952E Type I)

1150 Series Waterborne Acrylic Traffic Paint (Satin Sheen)

1160 Series Waterborne Acrylic Traffic Paint (TTP-1952E Type II)

1190 Series Low Temperature Waterborne Acrylic Traffic Paint

Other Quality Products Offered From Swarco: Thermoplastic Marking Compounds, Reflective Glass Beads, Preform Heat Fused Thermoplastic, Pavement Marking Tapes

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