Following a difficult year for many in our world in 2009, 2010 saw SealMaster, the only fully-national company dedicated to the manufacture and distribution of pavement maintenance products and equipment, continued to make strides in brand-name and market growth.  Known by most within the industry for quality and customer service, SealMaster continued its goal of bringing education, innovation and forward thinking to the pavement world.  

A staple at the NPE shows in Las Vegas and Nashville, SealMaster also participated in more than 100 local, regional and national tradeshows in 2010 – shows focusing on retail, restaurant, property management, architects and municipal/government entities.  With the knowledge and experience gained over 20 years as a world-wide manufacturer, SealMaster representatives continue to focus on educating attendees on the need for an effective pavement maintenance program, and realistically managing their expectations for such a program.  Combining educational seminars and demonstrations with assistance in specification writing have helped SealMaster gain success on both the corporate and franchise level in working with contractors and end users in increasing awareness of the importance of our industry to their properties.  2011 sees SealMaster maintaining a similar level of participation and focus in these events.

To better service our contractors, the SealMaster system expanded in 2010 to more than 70 points of distribution.  New ownership of SealMaster Dallas and the reopening of SealMaster Houston increased our ability to reach pavement maintenance contractors in the southern tier of the United States, while SealMaster Greenville re-established SealMaster’s presence in South Carolina.  The addition of retail storefronts in Duluth, GA; Alsip, Ill; Auburn Hills, MI; Memphis, TN and Roanoke, VA allowed for greater availability of SealMaster quality in those states.  SealMaster locations are currently scheduled to open early in the 2011 season in St. Louis, MO; Oklahoma City, OK; Columbia, SC; Lubbock, TX and Boston, MA.    Other locations are in the works, though not finalized at this time, for 2011.

Pioneers in many aspects of our industry, SealMaster actively continued in 2010 to advance its product offerings.  Improvements on the raw material side have yielded greater results for our full line of asphalt and coal tar sealcoats, primarily in the polymer modified lines.  SealMaster’s Liquid Road brand of sealer and Liquid Thermoplastic traffic paint both saw impressive increases in sales numbers, due in part to these advancements.  Changes to SealMaster’s PatchMaster pot hole patch were also instrumental to creating a positive “buzz” within the contracting community.  

On the equipment front, advancements to the SealMaster CrackPro line of hot pour crack melters – the most notable being an available 100cfm compressor, ergonomically designed heated hose and larger, 260 gallon tank – increased efficiency while helping to lower the overall operating cost.  The SealMaster line of equipment increased dramatically over 2010, with 2011 and beyond bringing further improvements to the CrackPro – lighter, more user-friendly application hose/wand and new air compressor hydraulics (a direct drive system) allowing for direct diesel to Air – and to both our trailer mounted and self-propelled sealer machines – more efficient/less costly diesel engines, greater accessibility to pump and engine components for easier maintenance (less down time).  Also worth note, is that SealMaster has switched to an easier cleaning, longer-lasting paint on all of our equipment.

At SealMaster, we believe that tremendous opportunities exist for pavement maintenance professionals in 2011 and beyond.  With the trend of “maintain – not replace” firmly in place, we see that opportunity exists for more work than ever for quality contractors.  

Learn more about SealMaster at http://www.sealmaster.net