As the newest addition to their parking lot sweeper line, Schwarze Industries is proud to introduce the new S233SE regenerative air sweeper. With its remarkable low profile, the Schwarze S233SE is the top choice for sweeping low clearance parking garages or areas where overhead clearance is a concern. The S233SE also eliminates the need for a dedicated auxiliary engine to power the sweeper, making it not only low in height but also low on your cost and expenses.

But no features are compromised; Mounted on a Chevrolet Silverado C2500HD, its outstanding sweeping width of 82” (98” with curb broom option), dumping height of 65.5” (from hopper opening to ground) and Schwarze’s unique Sweeps-in-Reversesm, the S233SE can take on any job, in pretty much any location.

Available sweeper options for the S233SE include a 26” left side curb broom, dust suppression system, front bumper spray bar, stainless steel Quad Protection Package, special paint for sweeper and chassis, back-up alarm, spare parts package, oil reservoir heater and a choice of rotary-, strobe- or bar-light beacons.

Also available on the S233SE are the Schwarze exclusive and highly reflective Double Draggin Skids, which can easier be seen during night operation, provide longer wear and have a host of other advantages.

For powerful, single engine sweepers with exceptional quality, durability and performance, you only have one choice. Visit Schwarze.com for more information.