SEATTLE, November 21, 2011 — DisposaCone has become known for its cost-effective, high-visibility reflective and compact safety cones. Due to lightweight recyclable paper construction and fully engineered weather resistance, DisposaCone has proven to have limitless uses.

Construction takes place in all types of environments, which make the versatility of DisposaCone a true asset to the industry. The base of each DisposaCone features two small adhesive strips (http://www.disposacone.com/photos.html), adding an innovative touch by allowing the user to simply stick it to concrete, asphalt, metal, glass … almost any hard surface– horizontally or vertically. Barricades can easily be created by stringing caution tape through DisposaCone’s top notch to keep the public out of harm’s way, or notes can be written directly on the cone to instruct incoming crews.

Founder Jon Julnes asks: “Why waste money and labor transporting expensive heavy cones around when you can get the same job done easier and cheaper with no loss of effectiveness with DisposaCone?”  Now just tell the onsite staff “this project will be ready for traffic in 6 hours” and while they’re pulling your DisposaCone’s …you’re already on to another job making money.  Best of all, the cost is about $1 each.  info@DisposaCone | 360-668-5700 | www.DisposaCone.com.

The list of industries already benefiting from the use of DisposaCone includes:

— First Responders

— Law Enforcement

— Municipalities, parks, public works

— Private Construction

— Commercial Painting

— Environmental Services

— Medical Facilities

— School Districts

— Public Event Planning

— Oil & Asphalt Refinery

— Car Wash

— Sweepers

— Parking lot maintenance

— General Consumer, in case of Roadside Emergencies

— and many more…

For online demos (http://www.youtube.com/DisposaCone) and a free sample (http://www.disposacone.com/contact.html), go to http://www.DisposaCone.com

Media Contact:

Casey Brewer
PR Manager
Tel. 360 668 5700