Premier asphalt maintenance equipment provider Asphalt Kingdom announces that the RynoWorx AirBoss 300 Air-Operated Spray System base and loaded systems are now available for asphalt maintenance professionals to preorder. Delivery is slated for May 2022.

March 2022 — Asphalt Kingdom is pleased to announce the launch of the RynoWorx AirBoss 300 Air-Operated Spray System. This machine is the first-ever air-operated sealcoating spray system under $10,000 available on the market, allowing sealcoaters to invest in an affordable and vital piece of equipment. Take a look at the features below.

  • The tank can accommodate up to 300 gallons, allowing contractors to seal up to 30,000 sq ft per load
  • Equipped with a powerful and reliable 6.5 HP, 196 CC Kohler SH265 gas engine
  • Comes with 2 pistons, a single-stage compressor pump, and a 9-gallon compressor tank

The RynoWorx AirBoss 300 Air-Operated Spray System features a twin-cylinder high-output Kohler compressor made of durable cast iron.

Mixing sealer with sand and additives is easier with its full-sweep paddle agitation system, and it is equipped with a pump recirculation system to ensure that everything is thoroughly mixed during operation. It comes with a high-volume basket strainer with quick-release latches, a 2-gallon surge tank, and a larger manway for easy access to the tank before and during operation, as well as for cleaning.

From half-ton to long box, the whole unit is designed to fit on the bed of any full-size pick-up truck so contractors don’t need to purchase a new vehicle to transport it. For contractors who have smaller trucks, rest assured that the frame and the tank assembly can be installed and secured onto any kind of truck or trailer.

The entire body is made from heavy-duty stainless steel, and it is powder-coated for better protection against the elements and corrosion.

The RynoWorx AirBoss 300 Air-Operated Spray System is available for preorder in base and loaded models exclusively through Asphalt Kingdom.

To learn more about the RynoWorx AirBoss 300 Air-Operated Spray System, simply visit www.asphaltkingdom.com or reach out to Asphalt Kingdom at 1-866-399-5562.