Road Kare International, a division of Centerline Supply, Inc., offers an extensive line of modular speed bumps, flexible curbing and speed cushions utilizing recycled rubber. This material will not deform or deteriorate and will withstand extreme weather conditions and abrasion providing a long-term, maintenance free, cost effective product. Molded-in color markings never need painting and retain color under all weather conditions. All Road Kare products can be removed and reinstalled for repaving or relocating becoming highly cost efficient and are warranted for 2 years.

  RK Speed BreakersTM speed bumps are available in three widths and heights to attain desired speed calming. The modular design also allows the creation of any length to fit varying lane widths and includes all hardware.

  RK Flexible KurbingTM is ideal for areas where a durable, abrasion resistant curb is needed for areas also requiring curvature and/or high visibility. Easily installed in a radius as small as 72”, RK Flexible KurbingTM will also accommodate an optional flexible reflective delineator for added safety and visibility.

  The Road KopTM Speed Cushion is 78” wide and available in lengths of either 80” or 120”. Highly versatile as the widths can be increased in 16” increments and lengths can be added in 40” increments for customized individual traffic calming conditions. Road closures are not necessary for installations; Road KopTM Speed Cushions are also Emergency vehicle friendly and are safer for bicycles and motorcycles.

  Road Kare also offers Truncated Dome ADA panels in Cast-in-Place (Wet-Set) and Surface Applied (Retro-Fit) versions that meet ADAAG guidelines and are approved for use by nearly every state DOT. Standard sizes include 24” x 36”; 24” x 48” and 24” x 60” and are available in Federal Yellow, Brick Red or Colonial Red. Additional sizes and colors are available upon request.

  All Road Kare products are designed, tested and manufactured in the U.S.A. Please visit our web site at http://www.roadkare.com .

Additional inquiries should be directed to:

Road Kare International
530 Jesse St
Grand Prairie, TX 75051-1141
Phone: 800-942-9305
Fax: 972-641-0851
E-Mail: info@roadkare.com