Rayner Equipment Systems is a subsidiary of California Pavement Maintenance Company and has been manufacturing high performance equipment for the slurry seal and sealcoating industry since 1982. Being contractors themselves, owners Gordon and Rich Rayner know the value of dependable equipment, the competitive need for high performance and the desire for machines that will continue to produce year after year.

  All new designs or upgrades are proven first with our crews and when we are satisfied with the results, we release it to our friends.

The RaynMaker by Rayner Equipment Systems offers new upgrades for 2010! A wide range of options now enables customers to design the exact machine they need for their projects. The RaynMaker is capable of spraying standard sealcoats and fine aggregate filled materials such as SteelGuard and SteelGuard Plus. New options for 2010:
·      Diesel engine choices with higher horsepower.
·      Single or dual pump systems, various capacity pumps.
·      Pressure sensing spray bars to 14 feet.
·      GPS controlled material flow system, adjusts your delivery rate according to speed.
·      Digital Smart-Ops computer with wireless remote control.
·      Storage tank sizes to 6,000 gallons or more – Our tank or your tank!

  The RES line of equipment includes the RoadSaver (Slurry Seal and Micro Surfacing), the PavementSaver (Sealcoat squeegee or spray) and the RaynMaker (Sealcoat or filled materials application). Each piece of equipment is designed to set the standard for the industry in performance, safety and reliability. With over 300 units world-wide and a dedicated service team, Rayner Equipment Systems has the experience and capability to make your equipment purchase a rewarding one.

We build slurry equipment for contractor across the US and around the world. In California, most of our competitors use our machines (Intermountain has 15 of them!). We have over 80 machines in Southeast Asia and nearly that many in Central and South America. The PavementSavers are spread out across the US with well know contractors and a few have been shipped overseas as well. The RaynMaker is our newest machine and is currently in the US with one pending delivery overseas.

  If spraying heavy, filled materials is your business, the RaynMaker was designed for you!

  Please call for more information 1-800-479-9390 and ask for Randy or Rich.