Ray-Tech Infrared Corp., the leading manufacturers of Infrared Asphalt Repair Equipment, recently attended the 2011 Pavement Live Expo and Conference in San Diego, California. In addition to the informative booth they had set up inside the conference hall, they also participated in the exposition’s first year ever of live demonstrations. Ray-Tech Equipment owner Bruce Kilen, Whiteford Grading and Paving LLC of Las Vegas, Nevada, was on hand to perform the two demonstrations which both went great. “The machine worked well.” explained Bruce. He owns a Ray-Tech Combo which consists of an 8’ x 6’ heating chamber paired with a 4 ton asphalt hot box / reclaimer. Bruce had only good things to say about his experience with owning Ray-Tech equipment. “For six months last year there wasn’t a wheel turning in Vegas, yet my Combo made it possible for me to keep the company going during that bad time, and equally important, I did not even have to lay off a single one of my crew!”

Three of Ray-Tech Infrared’s dealers attended the show and showed their enthusiasm in working with the very interested audience. Ed Csapo, president of E&M Equipment LLC of Santa Barbara, California, was impressed with the amount of interest in the equipment and, being Ray-Tech’s only California dealer, got a lot of attention from possible future Ray-Tech Equipment owners. Hans Gostmann, president of Aquadyne Inc. of Delta, British Columbia, was happy with the results of the show. “It was very good meeting some of the other Ray-Tech users and distributors,” Hans explained, “we are all part of a greater family pulling together towards a common goal!” Bill Tucker, president of Infrared Asphalt Systems of Anchorage, Alaska, spent much of his time watching the demos and gathering information from them which will help to further document and explain the use of the Infrared Repair method. And of course, Ray-Tech Infrared’s own president, Wes Van Velsor, was busy talking with all of the interested contractors and municipal directors to explain to them the need for such equipment. 

After such a successful showing in San Diego for Ray-Tech Infrared, one can only hope that many more asphalt maintenance individuals have gotten a good look at the green and efficient method that is Infrared Repair. You can see Ray-Tech Infrared Corp at their next show, National Pavement Expo, in Memphis, TN. For details, please visit their website at http://www.raytechinfrared.com.