We are proud to introduce our newest range of quality products.

QPR ShopWorx is born to serve the need for clients to get ALL their asphalt supplies in one easy phone call. And we mean it! Our staff works hard to take care of all your ordering needs.

Here’s a quick insight on what you can expect from us. Stay tuned to the blog in which we will share thoughts on the industry, practical advice, and naturally the latest news here at QPR ShopWorx.

Our promise:
• High quality products at competitive prices
• Satisfaction guarantee or your money back on all products
• We’ll help you find the products you need to get the job done right
• If we don’t carry the specific item you are looking for, we’ll get it for you. We do all the work, leaving you free to tackle more important tasks

Traffic Control
• High-visibility, durable & cost-effective traffic cones, drums and channelizers in a variety of sizes & specifications to meet DOT requirements.
• Full range of cone accessories, including cones lights, arrow signs and flags
• Solar-Assisted advance warning arrow boards and message boards, with or without battery chargers, to provide versatile, high-visibility traffic routing through construction zones

Personal Protection and Safety Apparel
• From simple safety vests and hard hats to heavy-duty bomber jackets and rain suits, we offer high visibility safety apparel for every situation
• Our garments are 100% certified and meet all current specifications
• All background and reflective material has been tested by a Federal Testing facility and meet ANSI safety criteria

Work Tools
• Our high quality, innovative tools provide long-lasting service at a reasonable price
• Asphalt lutes and rakes are constructed of light-weight aluminum, with rigid beams to ensure even application
• Shovels and tampers have durable steel heads and handles
• Our squeegees feature either ‘U’ or ‘V’ shaped blades ideal to funnel material into cracks. 

• Can be used as both push and pull applicators

Asphalt Engineering

QPR QualiTherm Warm Mix Additive
• Allows asphalt to be produced & compacted at lower temperatures
• Reduces fuel costs and extends the paving season into the cooler months
• Requires no plant modifications

• QPR Asphalt Release
• Prevents asphalt from adhering to surfaces
• Will not degrade asphalt
• Effective with hot, warm and cold asphalt
• Environmentally safe

QPR RC Tack Coat
• Provides an effective bond between new asphalt and existing pavement
• Slow setting, low viscosity
• Can be used all year

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