As the initial revolutionizer, for over three decades QPR® has sought to produce the best products and services for its customers. The company has listened to feedback and even had its managers and sales staff on the ground pay special attention to customer needs. The company has taken that information and offered new products and services that reflect the company’s excellence, customer convenience, and valued service.

Grounded in QPR®’s signature product, high performance cold mix asphalt, the company has developed new technologies, always stressing quality, that have been delivered efficiently through the largest distribution arm in the country. QPR® has become a brand that contractors trust. “QPR® is an approved material in all 50 states and throughout Canada. From pothole repair to utility cuts, our product is used by state, provincial, and federal governments, as well as the nation’s leading utilities for the over 20 million utility cuts that are patched each year,” says Don Nathan, General Manager of QPR®.

Last year, the company introduced the new QPR RoadShop™, which was introduced in Lowe’s Home Improvement stores in the Midwest, offering everything needed to fill cracks and repair potholes in driveways, parking lots, and streets. “Whether it is a pothole or a small crack, the QPR RoadShop™ has the answer,” says Zach Lovett, Territory Manager Mid Atlantic at QPR in Alpharetta, GA. “This new product line is once again revolutionizing the pavement maintenance industry.

QPR RoadShop™ offers QPR® Permanent & Easy Pothole Repair, the product of choice for repairs to driveways, parking lots, streets, major highways, railway crossings, and utility cuts. It is a premixed patch material with crushed, washed aggregate, and a special blend of asphalt cements, anti-stripping additives, and adhesive agents. One of the major reasons this product is so versatile is because QPR® formulates this product according to specific regions. “It has been something that we have been working on for years through the lab,” says Tony Fargnoli. Quality Control Manager at QPR®. “Whether it is for 100 degrees or it is for 0 degrees, we formulate the product so that we give you the workability needed to place it and yet with the fastest set or cure time possible.” That means that it works in areas of extreme winters such as the Northern Plains, mountainous regions, and the Northeast where frost heaving and continuous freezing and thawing occurs. It also works in heavy rain regions such as the Pacific Northwest. And, it works in areas of extreme heat such as the desert Southwest or the humid South where thermal shock stresses pavements.

Complementing this remarkable high performance pavement repair material is a line of superior products that can fix a small crack, fill a depression, or seal a driveway.  QPR® Stone Grade Driveway Crack and Depression Filler is designed for small potholes or very wide cracks. QPR® 1 Quart Pourable Crack Filler in a squeeze bottle and QPR® Tube Pourable Crack Filler in a convenient caulk tube take the mess out of crack filling.  Both feature a specially formulated vinyl polymer blend designed to maximize life, and to increase durability.

QPR® also offers polymerized Professional Grade Driveway Sealer, which has been on the market for 10 years, as part of the new QPR RoadShop™ product line. The QPR RoadShop™ newest innovation, QPR® 6690 Hot Applied Crack Repair, is a polymer modified hot pour crack filler (ASTM 3405 & 6690 Approved).  Packaged in the familiar 50 lb box, it is usable in both direct fire and oil jacketed kettles. In addition to these new products, QPR RoadShop™ also carries all of the tools you need to apply these products.

By putting this line of QPR RoadShop™ products into Lowe’s distribution network, QPR® makes it easier for contractors, municipalities, or state DOT’s to purchase permanent solutions for pothole repair, crack filling, and driveway sealing and in the quantities they need.

Then this past fall, QPR® introduced QPR® ShopWorx, after observing contractors on the job. QPR® ShopWorx offers a full line of traffic control equipment, personal protective equipment, and hand tools. “We have always been part of a company that has had a very big safety culture, and we try to stress that to our customers as well,” says Towner Magill, QPR®’s ShopWorx Program Manager and Southeast Territory Manager.

The QPR® ShopWorx line includes personal protective equipment, traffic control equipment (channelizer cones, drums, and bases), work tools, and the QPR® ShopWorx Arrowmaster, a solar-assisted advance warning device that provides maximum visibility for motorists while being versatile and costing little to operate it.

Also in the QPR® ShopWorx line is QPR® QualiTherm℠, a hot and warm mix asphalt additive that allows asphalt contractors to both mix and lay down asphalt at lower temps, often 50 degrees less than you are used to, which will help environmentally with emissions since you burn less fuel and save money.

Another product, QPR® Premium Grade Cold-Mix Anti-Strip Additive secures adhesion in asphalt cements, cutback asphalts, and asphalt emulsions. It can be used wet or dry for all types of cold patching.

QPR® continues to innovate. But at the heart of its advanced technology is its willingness to listen to customer needs and respond with the best products and services available.

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QPR® 6690 Hot-Applied Crack Sealant™ has quickly become the fastest growing hot-applied crack sealant in North America.  With our custom flex technology, QPR® 6690 stretches to fill cracks in the asphalt that move with the annual freeze thaw cycles in all climates.  QPR® 6690 works in both oil-jacketed and direct-fire kettles.  Try QPR® 6690 for yourself and see why America prefers our material over the competition.  QPR® 6690 is available at your local Lowe’s.