To insure optimal performance of your Sealcoating tank and spray equipment, it is imperative that a thorough cleaning be performed prior to your first sealer fill-up. In order to protect your investment in your equipment, it is important to perform pre-season maintenance and cleaning of your tanks, hose and spray equipment. Clogs and chunks of debris can stop a job in its tracks, wasting valuable time, money, and leave you with irritated customers if the job is delayed. 

In the spring time thoroughly flush out the entire system with water. After the tank is sufficiently dry, inspect the tank. Chip away all build-up of dried sealer material inside the tank, and sweep clean. If you don’t do this, and simply fill your tank with sealer and agitate – chunks of the old material will emulsify and can fall off the walls of the tank, creating clogs in system. Visually check and inspect your supply outlet, return valves, pipe work and strainers to make sure that they are in proper working order and free of debris.

At the end of each season, drain as much liquid sealer as possible from your tank, flush out your pump(s), hoses and strainers with water. If you are storing the rig in a non-heated area, use RV anti-freeze in the pump(s) strainers and hoses to prevent freezing and cracking. 

By conducting this yearly maintenance schedule, you will add many years of Sealcoating application to your equipment. In these times, it makes sense to have insight and properly care for equipment, rather than hindsight, and spend thousands of dollars on costly repairs.