Panther Equipment recently introduced the AdapTech™ Wand, an all-in-one sealcoat application system. It incorporates several unique features to create a versatile, multi-purpose tool which simplifies traditional sealcoating methods, saves time and increases efficiency.

The system is comprised of a lightweight aluminum wand with a durable powdercoat finish. Key features include: a dual-plane swivel to improve maneuverability and eliminate kinking or binding of the hose, a stainless steel ball valve that stands up to the abrasives found in sealer and offers longer life than traditional brass valves, and an ergonomic handle that provides enhanced comfort and control during sealcoat application.

The system also includes three attachments for various application functions, and utilizes quick-connect cam and groove couplers to make changing attachments fast and easy. The AutoFlow™ brush attachment expedites edging and other non-spray applications by delivering material directly to the brush, allowing users to dispense and apply sealer in a single step. Next, the dual tip attachment produces two distinct spray fans for effectively covering twice as much area with each pass, ideal for covering large, open areas free of obstacles. Finally, the single tip attachment is suited for standard spray application, utilizing the familiar single spray fan that most contractors are accustomed to. The spray attachments accommodate both 1/4” and 3/8” spray tips, and all three attachments were designed with ease of use and simple cleanout in mind.

The AdapTech™ Wand is available in two different configurations, the Complete system and the Core system, and is compatible with all brands of sealcoating equipment. For more information, contact Panther Equipment, LLC at toll-free at 888-99-PANTHER (888-997-2684) or visit http://www.pantherequipment.com.