Paveman Pro is calling all contractors to submit fair and balanced written reviews on equipment, materials and supplies. When a contractor is looking for a good piece of equipment or new material, nothing helps more than the testimony of someone who has actually used it on the job. Help the industry and your fellow contractor by writing a review. You don’t have to be a writer or anyone special. Here are the rules:

– If you haven’t become a member of Paveman Pro, do this first. We only accept submissions from members. It’s free and it helps us to know that you are a legitimate and professional contractor.
– Write a balanced article that discusses both the pros and cons of the machine, product or service.
– We will not post submissions from contractors who use inappropriate language or speak poorly of anyone else or a company. It is unlikely that we will post a review that makes comments like “this machine is a piece of junk.” If there are negative points that need to be made they must be made with professional language.
–  Remember, the point is to be helpful. Make points that will help the reader make good buying decisions.
– Submit your article to info@pavemanpro.com. If you would like you can submit a picture of your machine and/or yourself.

That’s it! Paveman Pro, the industry and pavement contractors all over the United States thank you.