Tarconite and PaveShield Cool Weather Formula coatings, manufactured by Neyra Industries, Inc., were specifically designed to give contractors a way to extend their sealcoating season.  The coatings will perform to the same high standards that Tarconite, Neyra’s coal tar based sealer and PaveShield, Neyra’s asphalt based sealer, have sustained over the years, but will do so in cooler weather. 
The Cool Weather Formula coatings form a film at temperatures as low as 40°F.  These unique coatings are engineered to replace the energy that the sun provides during warmer weather to help cure the coating.  This means the opportunity to sealcoat a pavement can last longer into the Fall and Spring in cooler climates. 
Tarconite and PaveShield Cool Weather coatings are convenient since there are no special requirements any different than using traditional sealers.  The mix design is the same and the same specifications can be followed.  However, there are slightly different temperature guidelines – the air and pavement temperature must not go below 40°F or above 60°F within three days of application.