Neal Manufacturing Company, Villa Rica GA, proudly introduces NEAL 5500 self-propelled asphalt paver – the super durable, reasonably priced solution to paving cart paths, utility cuts and sidewalks. With an overall operating width of 5 foot 3 inches, the Neal 5500 is ideal for navigating through wooded or landscaped areas with minimal disturbance. Where size and maneuverability would normally be a problem – in alleyways or paving utility cuts – the 5500 feels right at home. Labor costs are cut in half due to the 5500’s ability to pave in areas that typically have to be worked with shovels and rakes.

Its ability to maneuver in tight places is due in part to its 52” track system and highly responsive and accurate hydrostatic drive. Two independently operated 17” conveyors can be operated in automatic or manual mode, delivering asphalt to the screed with high efficiency.

Neal Manufacturing Company, LLC are the manufacturers of a complete line of asphalt sealcoating equipment and storage tanks. Neal produced a similar paver – the DM-5500 – for nearly 10 years in 1990’s. The DM-5500 and its new predecessor fill a much needed void in the small asphalt paver market for its abilities and pricing. Neal anticipates a warm welcome for this model from the asphalt paving industry and those who pave in restricted size areas.

Contact Neal to find out more about the 5500 asphalt paver and the complete line of asphalt paving and sealcoating equipment at 770-832-1282. Visit their website at http://www.nealequip.com.