Neal Manufacturing Company, LLC of Villa Rica, GA introduces the Gooseneck Trailer Spray System with the new ESSP Smart Pump. The new system represents a substantial step forward in job-site efficiency for the sealcoating professional. The gooseneck configuration allows larger payloads to be taken on the job with less truck. The standard extended trailer is equipped with an enclosed brush box, storage deck with ramp, and tool rack. The new fully electronic ESSP Smart Pump boasts a solid state microprocessor at its core, with no moving controller parts required to drive the high pressure 100 gpm hydraulic piston pumping system. The pumps’ on board self-diagnostics system and “limp home” mode eliminate potential for costly downtime. The rugged build and lean design of a Neal system keeps operation simple and your crew focused on quality results.
Neal manufactures a complete line of high production asphalt paving and sealcoating equipment. The 2008 sealcoating line includes spray and squeegee configurations mounted on trailers, skid, trucks and ride on machines, sealer mixing tanks and support equipment. All new spray models are equipped with the revolutionary new ESSP Smart Pump. Contact Neal for more information at 770-830-1282 or visit their website at http://www.nealequip.com.

ESSP Gooseneck Sealcoating Machine Highlights
• 550, 750 or 1000 Gallon Material Capacity

• More weight on towing vehicle for safer operation

• Hitch weight on truck range from 1500 to 2000 lbs

• More towing capacity for higher payloads and larger profitability

• ESSP 100 GPM Smart Pump with solid state micro-processor control (eliminates moving controller parts)

• On-board self-diagnostic system with “limp home” 
mode to eliminate potential for costly downtime

• Brush boxes, tool rack, equipment storage with ramp