In 1938 a concept was put into motion, and in 1939 the Maintenance Inc. additive business was born. In the 1940’s-50’s it started with a fuel resistant product called AFR (Air Force Rubberized) which was used at Air Force bases all over the world. This was our first post added additive. A few other additives were introduced to compliment the AFR additive. In the 80’s we developed a new product called FSA or fast sealing additive. This was a post added product that the customer could add when he needed fast drying. We sold FSA as a product improver that made the sealer film dry fast, dry blacker, stop tracking, give fuel resistancy, allowed late season and night sealing to be done. Our FSA sales were growing quickly but came to a peak in the late 80’s, so we had to find a way to to build sales and expand distribution. To do this, we changed from contractor direct sales, to protected distributors. With this new distribution plan our sales tripled. We increased our advertising and listed all of our distributors. We also developed all the proven Maintenance Inc. products that are in the market place today. FSA-AE additive specifically made for asphalt based and blended pavement sealers. FASS-DRI pavement sealer additive, which is packaged in a handy 2 gallon pail, is consentrate FSA. We also have FSA-PLUS, TARGEL-PLUS our FAA approved additive. “Over the many years, i think about everyone in the industry has come thru the Maintenance inc. system to buy our products”. Says Bob Huebner chief operations officer who has been with the company for over 45 years. “It a real testiment to our quality and service” said Huebner. “Maintenance Inc. is not a one dimentional company.” Says Huebner.

Maintenance Inc. has seen many copycat additives come on the market thru the years. “its just amazing how they come out with a huge marketing plan and sell a bunch of additives that work marginal or don’t work at all!” Says Mark McLeod, Vice President. “The contractor knows in short order what works and what doesn’t. We have always said, let the contractor decide what is real and what is not! That is why Maintenance Inc. continues to be the leader in additive manufacturing with over 350 stocking distributors world wide.” McLeod said.

“If you want the best, try the additives that Maintenance Inc. manufacturers.” said McLeod. “We have an additive for every situation, whether it is an everyday additive, or additive for that special kick needed to dry the sealer fast! We have them, and our distributors are educated and are in the know when a contractor asks what type of additive to use.” McLeod said.  Maintenance Inc. is dedicated providing the contractor with straight and truthful information they can use. Maintenance Inc. is constantly promoting the use of additives by specifying additives on projects, setting the standard in post added additives for the pavement maintenance industry. On behalf of all the employees at Maintenance inc. we especially want to say “Thanks” to all our loyal distributors, and their contractors who have, and still do today incorporate them in their sealer mix designs. For the past 70 years we have been the contractors choice in fast dry additives, so call your local distributor to find out about all our maintenace product lines from paint, recreational coating, small tools and much more. If you do not know a distributor near you, contact us toll free 800-892-6701 or find us online at http://www.maintinc.com for a stocking distributor nearest you.  “Maintenance Inc. the “ORIGINAL” additive people!”