Southampton, PA (July 2009) – Little Wonder, a U.S.-based manufacturer of landscaping and debris management equipment since 1935, will introduce two new walk-behind blower units into their rugged debris management equipment line-up this fall. The compact Suburban High-Output line will now include a 6 hp model with Subaru SP engine and the commercial Optimax line will expand to incorporate Little Wonder’s original 13 hp High-Output Blower as well as a new 14 hp Subaru EX engine model.

Little Wonder Walk-Behind Blowers
In 1997, Little Wonder launched a completely re-designed version of the traditional commercial walk-behind blower, named the High-Output Blower. The new High-Output featured an advanced impeller design, aerodynamically constructed continuously-welded steel housing, curved air inlet and a unique air discharge system that sat just a couple of inches off of the ground with a split-opening deflector that eliminated the blow-back of debris. The state-of-the-art design was a feat of engineering excellence which made for a powerhouse of a unit that outperformed all other walk-behind blowers of the time. Little Wonder was awarded a patent for their design in 1998. The unit’s distinct features and striking white and red blower color scheme became iconic of power and performance.

In 2003, Little Wonder created a compact entry-level version of the High-Out Blower, the Suburban High-Output Blower (SHO). For the more compact unit, Little Wonder designed a composite impeller with reverse inclined blades that would work in unison with the curved inlet to create the same smooth, high velocity of airflow as the steel impeller utilized in their High-Output. The SHO harnesses all of the patented features, durability and performance of the larger High-Output Blower in a sleeker, lighter weight unit ideal for the one or two-man landscaping crew and the residential user.

In 2006, Little Wonder redesigned the housing of the High-Output Blower, producing a one-size-fits-all housing compatible with all four models in the commercial line – regardless of engine horsepower, size or style. The new housing increased interior area enhancing the airflow velocity of the units – significantly increasing air output (up to 30%), enabling the blowers to outperform larger higher horsepower units. The units were marketed as Optimax Maximum-Output Blowers and the classic red curved air inlet was painted black to represent that Little Wonder had outdone its original industry-leading performance.

“The color scheme of the Optimax has come to signify power, performance and long-term value in the industry, states Andrew Johnson, Little Wonder brand manager, of the Optimax line. “There is a lot of excitement throughout our dealer network in being able to offer their customers both a 13 hp and 14 hp model of Optimax blower.”

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