The Original –   AERVOE® Industries, Inc., first developed upside-down Layout Paint (or, Marking Paint) specifically to save the lives of highway maintenance personnel working in high vehicular traffic areas where they were used to bending over using upside-right spray paint on the roadway. This compromised their safety in that their orange vests weren’t as visible to motorists – resulting in several crew deaths each year.  It was AERVOE® founder and CEO, David Williams, who introduced the first Layout Paint and Paint Stick to use to spray the Layout Paint in the standing position helping orange safety vests get seen resulting in far-fewer crewman deaths on the roadway.  Dave was witness to the death of a CalTrans (California Highway Department) striping crew worker hit by a vehicle while laying out guide lines with a can of upside-right spray paint.  This tragedy drove him to develop Layout Paint.

In 1974, on invitation by the American Public Works Association, in partnership with the new One Call® Systems folks (call before you dig,)  Layout Paint worked its way into Utility and Municipal Sectors, followed by Contract Locating companies and Building Contractors.  It wasn’t long before other manufacturers presented their own versions, too.  But, to this day, the One Call® Systems International logo is seen on the AERVOE® Layout Paint label as “payment in kind” for developing the Color Standard used today to mark buried utilities… greatly improving safety once again.

Only AERVOE® can proudly and legally wear the One Call logo on its Layout Paint.

All-Important M.S.D.S.'s

It shouldn’t be a chore to get a copy of the M.S.D.S. !

So –  there’s a full M.S.D.S. inside every case of Layout Paint from AERVOE® ! That was easy –  that’s also good for your Worker Right to Know Book of M.S.D.S. s when the Safety Inspector comes calling.

The Original Layout Paint - AervoeNo-Bull Labeling

The company chose to re-label from the old wording forms of “Water Based” and “Solvent-Based”  to more clear words related to the performance needs of a particular job  –  one note concerning “water-based” layout paint – to resolve confusion regarding what is real  “water-based” Layout Paint,  see if the following wording is on the label – usually on the bottom-front of the can … “DANGER !  EXTREMELY FLAMMABLE  LIQUID & VAPOR.  VAPOR MAY CAUSE FLASH  FIRE.”  And at the top of the same label it may also state the product is “water based.”  

Huh ?  Let’s see… does that make any sense ?  Didn’t  know water could do that.The Only, the Original, Water-Based Layout Paint is a patented item made only by AERVOE® Industries, Inc.  Since 1974.  Patent # 5,138,609. Period.  All others are merely solvent-based with some water added in to help bring down costs … this mix can also increase clogging.  Period.  If you’re now buying what you believe is “water-based” layout paint, and it costs less a can, but each case has a couple cloggers in it, what has been saved ? 

The company’s labels now state a meaning having to do with job site performance: 

✔ AERVOE® “Construction” label Layout Paint is most cost-effective for  The Highway Contractor’s higher-volume uses of White and is perfected to eliminate clogging;

✔ “Survey” label Layout Paint is best suited for Black and Silver (original 1973, Highway Contractor formula) and is pure solvent-based and works at good speed if you’re riding on the back of a pickup laying down long lines.

From the very beginning back in 1973, AERVOE® Indsutries, Inc., is a loyal manufacturer-supplier to The Highway, Seal Coating, and Striping Contractor.  The company now offers several other products such as super-fast-drying stencil ink for curbs and wheel stops as well as several chemistries designed to clean and maintain the Paving & Striping Contractor’s fleet of equipment.

Your Safety Comes First

And, you’ll be glad to know AERVOE uses the least-hazardous chemicals in all product formulations to further enhance Worker Safety.  Guaranteed ! It all started 37 years ago with what we call today… Layout Paint.

AERVOE® Industries would like to say loudly, proudly, Thank You, to all Highway Departments and Highway Maintenance Contractors all over the good old U.S.A. !

So, to answer the question above – Is Layout paint just “layout paint” ?

Answer – Nope.

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