All manufactures of sealcoats have a recommended minimum temperature requirement of 50 degrees. This does not mean you can sealcoat successfully if the temperature is going to reach 50 degrees sometime in the day. This should be the minimum temperature you start sealing and only if you will have several hours of sunshine with the temperature staying above 50 degrees after application. Remember, this is a MARGINAL, MARGINAL, MARGINAL starting point only. Please remember that the sun is so low on the horizon this time of year that you get very little direct sunlight after 2 PM. Also, please remember that the north sides of buildings and shaded areas cure very slowly with early season sealing. IF IN DOUBT DO NOT APPLY !!!!!!

Now is a good time to make sure you have MSDS’ for any materials you will have in your equipment.  A two inch piece of PVS with caps on each end makes a good storage container for your MSDS’. After filling the container with your essential documents just place them on the dash of your trucks.

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