“As a former contractor, we understand that measuring a property while sitting at a computer is far less effective than having a simple ability to do this on site, as well as from anywhere else in the world. Other online measuring companies believe that they have “Reinvented the Measuring Wheel”as they have said. Wheel It Off is certain the measuring wheel will continue to be a VITAL requirement for the accurate contractor, and now with WheelitOff life will be easier and the Measuring Wheel Has a New Partner.”

Do you remember the CD player? It worked well listening to music sitting at home. But who just sat at home? Battery life was short and expensive; it was hard and expensive to buy cd’s, it was temperamental and though it was more portable than a turntable, it was still inefficient for what was desired. Like how Apple has solved the issues associated with the CD player, WheelitOff has solved the issue with being required to be tied to a bulky, battery sucking laptop or being far away from the site in question sitting behind a desk.

More than 12 years ago as a contractor, the WheelitOff team was using GIS measuring tools far more sophisticated than what is available today in the paving, sealcoating and landscape industries. It was amazing at the time. Our team were the first and only contractor for many years to use GIS measuring tools. We realized there had to be an easier way to use measuring and mark up tools, while on site or with customers. Now, thanks to Apple and the ease with tablet computing, we have solved the problem of mobile measuring with our iPad measuring and markup tool, Wheel It Off.com.

“No longer is measuring at a desk required to print a map, mark the map up on site, then back to the office to redo the map, then try to load into a proposal etc. Now it is one activity, not 7, on site with an iPad andWheelitOff saving me 60 minutes and looking like a hero to my customer. It also prevents my salesmen from just shooting off bids without seeing the properties and field measuring.” Today there is no excuse!

As a pavement maintenance contractor, we painlessly tested the validity of available online software and realized all online tools are not so accurate. Most services require constant training and an accountant to keep track of every measurement and the costs. Our one Finger Apple app tool, WheelitOff, is the simple solution with unlimited use and endless possible uses.

Wheel It Off is an Apple app that works on any iPhone or iPad where in seconds measuring can take place with anything on the outside of a property. Wheel It Off has more features and functions than most people will ever use, but it is simple to use and remember how to do it! The Cost is $300/year with simple implementation in under 15 minutes!

We created WheelitOff so that users can immediately differentiate from all of the other paving, sealcoating, landscape, concrete, pest control & roofing contractors while closing more work faster. Do not take our word for it; see the testimonials from contractors just like other users who share how we have made their lives easier using WheelitOff.com!

WheelitOff now integrates with PavementLayers, a simple, fast and accurate way to create, manage and track proposals in the pavement maintenance, concrete, sweeping and snow service industries.

PavementLayers is the first and only tool for the pavement industry where on site you can; measure, mark up repairs, complete a well written articulate proposal with specifications, images from Wheelit Off and many other additions customers will value, while using one finger—check it out our Video Introduction

Learn more about wheelitoff at www.wheelitoff.com. To Schedule an interview or see a live demonstration of this tool contact: Michael Barrett, info(at)wheelitoff.com