Titan Laboratories previously announced that they moved their manufacturing facility from Mountain View, California to Dallas, Texas.  Since the move last August, sales have increased greatly as shipping costs were reduced for many of its customers east of the Mississippi.  According to new owner, Jamie Smith, “It just makes more sense to have a facility like this centered in the country to even out the shipping costs across the board.”  Titan is currently extending special rates to their customers on the west coast for the rest of 2012.  Titan is also considering expanding their offerings to include some of their popular products in disposable wipes and aerosols.  “The practicality of these specialty items is a reality that we can no longer ignore, and we want to give our distributors the ability to take advantage of this emerging market, and we invite any feedback our distributors may have.” Jamie said.  “We’re also planning a low VOC version of our Oil-Flo Safety Solvent Cleaner, and a citrus version for specific applications.”  On top of that, Titan is currently re-designing its website to offer instructional videos and distributor referrals, among other improvements.