How to Save on the job site using DisposaCone barricades:

1) Purchase sustainable barricade products like DisposaCone, which can even be used with barricade tape.

2) Instead of sending crews out ahead of time to cone off the work zone, mail DisposaCone's ahead of the job with an aerial shot or Google Map to mark work zones and where they would need to be barricaded

DisposaCone will stand up to four days in wind and rain!

3) Go do the job

4) When finished, leave DisposaCone’s behind with instructions for the client to remove in X number of hours or days when the area is ready for traffic.

Save money since crews won’t have to go pick up cones after the fact

5) Move on to the next job

About the product:

DisposaCone is an inexpensive temporary barricade that easily compliments traditional rubber cone use with high visibility red-orange florescent color and engineer grade reflective sheeting.

Made of recyclable paper with two adhesive strips on the base. DisposaCone sticks to asphalt, concrete, metal, glass, nearly any dry hard surface.

String with CAUTION tape or even balloons for events through the notch at the top of every DisposaCone.


“I got tired of returning to job-sites only to find 4 out of 10 rubber cones remaining. Now we mail DisposaCones ahead of jobs to mark work zones and leave them behind — asking on-site staff to remove them when ready for traffic.” 

— Jon Julnes, developer of DisposaCone & owner of a Seattle based private construction company

visit http://www.disposacone.com for more information.