Learning how to sell is key for any service, and the driveway sealing business is no different. You learned how to sealcoat a blacktop driveway, but maybe you never took the time to polish your sales technique. It’s not difficult, or time consuming, it’s just something to be informed about.

Why Door To Door Works: Going door to door for driveway sealing sales when you are already in the neighbourhood is your very best selling tool. The advantage is showing what before and after looks like (hint: take a before and after picture with your cell phone so it’s always with you). You know how impressive the difference is after using seal coating spray, and seeing it will make believers, and customers, of others. It’s especially good to point out how professional and clean you’ve left the area when you’re done.

Presentation Is Everything: Here are some things to keep in mind when presenting your driveway sealing business door to door:

• Look Professional: How you, your crew, and your equipment look is the first thing a potential customer will see. Yes, you’re working, but that doesn’t mean you can’t look neat, clean, and presentable.

• Step Back From The Door: It’s amazing how many salespeople stand right in front of the door, making it difficult to open! Take a step back, don’t crowd the door, or your potential client

• Introduce Yourself: Start with hello, and introduce yourself and your company. Tell them where you’re working in the area, and why you’d like to have the chance to do driveway coating spray for them. Show them before and after pictures. Most of all always be polite, and friendly.

• Stress The Quality Of Your Product: Always use a quality commercial grade coating spray and emphasize why it’s better than the watered down residential sealcoat.

• No Answer? Leave A Flyer: Be sure to include your company name and contact information, but also try to include what address you did the blacktop driveway. Showing is a fantastic sales technique for any company but especially a driveway sealing business!

• Reaping the benefits of showing the blacktop driveway you’re working on is a great start to door to door sales. Learning some simple rules about presentation and courtesy, plus using flyers, will show you how easy it is to boost your driveway sealing business sales.

You can also grow your business with this free marketing package that includes flyer and sale invoice templates, sealcoating demo video, and more.