Paving and pavement maintenance contractors are always looking for cutting-edge tools that can reduce expenses and offer their customers a more precise and professional service. Go iPave from GIS Dynamics is set to revolutionize the way contractor’s prospect, measure and grow their businesses.

Four months ago GIS Dynamics, a Cincinnati, Ohio based company launched Go iPave, http://www.goipave.com, for the pavement industry. This service offers high resolution aerial photography, property boundaries and a robust suite of measuring tools all in one application.

Traditionally, to complete an estimate, a contractor will schedule an appointment with the prospective customer, drive to the property, measure, drive back to the office, and calculate the math in order to provide a proposal. With Go iPave you are able to type in an address, view a photo of the property with property boundaries, and measure areas to bid on your computer screen. Just trace an area with your mouse and Go iPave calculates the measurement for you.

All measurements are listed and totaled and can be labeled, color coded and saved. Property photos can also be saved to create a digital file and printed. Additionally, workspaces can be saved and loaded back into the Go iPave application to add or change measurements.

“Go iPave was designed to increase efficiency,” says Drew Gibson, lead sales and support for Go iPave. “Measurements can be completed from the office in a fraction of the time it would take in the field with highly accurate results. Essentially, the bidding process is being shortened.” Contractors gain a competitive edge by getting their bids out faster as well as being able to bid more work.

With Go iPave, a contractor can measure residential, commercial and industrial properties 24/7 from their office, rain or shine. Weather conditions, scheduling conflicts and security clearance issues won’t influence a contractor’s ability to complete a bid.

Also, GIS Dynamics will not just sell you the Go iPave service and abandon you. Gibson and his team offer training and great customer service. The online demonstrations walk you through how to use the tools and answer your questions along the way. You can also chat online or give them a call. “Our phones are answered by real people,” Gibson adds.

To get started using Go iPave, all you need is a computer and high speed internet access.

Check out Go iPave at http://www.goipave.com or give them a call at 800.280.5153.