Whether the contract is for general maintenance or for repairs, it is smart to make sure that the surface is clean and free of debris before you actually start working on the job. Prepping the surface is necessary to ensure proper material adhesion when using sealer or crackfill. Dirt, loose aggregate, stray vegetation, fallen leaves and twigs are some of the debris that need to be cleaned off before actual repairs can be done.

Sweeping with push brooms, or using torches and scrapers to clean off debris can be an option, however, these tools take time to get the job done. Remember, time saved is profit earned. To ensure better accuracy and efficiency when prepping a job site, using a gas-powered rotary broom is way better. Operated at walking speed, this powerful machine is equipped with a steel bristle brush that lifts debris off from deep within the cracks more effectively than regular brooms or scrapers.

Burning vegetation with a hot air lance or torch is the common practice among most contractors, however, you will still need to sweep up the remnants to completely clean off the cracks and curbs. Doing this task alone can require up to two crew members: one to burn the vegetation and another to follow up and sweep the remnants. Or, if you only have one guy doing this, it would mean having him go back on a second pass to do the sweeping. On the other hand, using the rotary broom means that you will only need one person to get this done, while assigning the other person on another task, such as preparing the crackfill.

When applying primer or stain remover to take care of chemical and oil spills, using a brush to scrub them off is the usual method. This is great if the stains and spills are still fresh, since they are relatively easy to remove. However, for older stains that already seeped into the pavement surface, your crew need to exert more time and effort. Using the gas-powered rotary broom would mean lesser effort for your operator and a better technique in removing chemicals that already dried up. The rotary broom’s singular or dual-rotation option (depending on the model you choose to purchase) helps scrub the pavement surface to remove stains better without further damaging the deteriorated areas.

With two options to choose from, these rotary sweepers are what a professional like you need in your arsenal. The first option is the mechanical drive rotary broom (Model: RBMGX) that features a Honda GX or Honda GC industrial engine and gear transmission with one-way broom rotation. The second option is the hydraulic drive rotary broom (Model: RBHGX) that has a two-way broom rotation. This model features a Honda industrial engine with low oil shutoff, so you don’t have to worry in case your machine runs out of oil. Replacement brushes are also available for purchase and can fit both models.

** Pro Tip: It is highly recommended to check your machinery before heading out to avoid unexpected issues and problems in the middle of a job.

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