Stone Construction Equipment, Inc.  Stomper line includes three models of 4-cycle rammers. The Stompers – models  XH670, XH730, XH840 – are ideal for every job site compaction need from narrow trenches to areas requiring optimum impact. Leading-edge, innovative technology and precision components means a line of well-balanced, smooth running, dependable rammers. 

Each is powered by a 4-cycle Honda engine, which is fully EPA approved meeting the toughest emission standards. The engine and carburetor have been specifically designed for rammer applications. The engine is easy starting and eliminates use of 2-cycle oil or pre-mixing of fuel.  The engine design also allows the Stompers to be laid down in any direction for easy transport and provides worry-free starting when standing. 

Stone 4-cycle Stompers’ unique design combines precise spring force, crank throw and weight to produce maximum impact force.  The XH670 weighs in at 132 lbs., has an impact force of 2,650 lbs. and has a 10” x 13” poly shoe.  The XH730 weighs 140 lbs., has an impact force of 3,100 lbs., has an 11” x 13” poly shoe, and like the XH670 features a 3 hp Honda engine. The XH840 is powered by a 4 hp Honda, weighs 145 lbs., and has an impact force of 3,500 lbs. with an 11” x 13” shoe.

Each feature:

• A contoured, sound-absorbing, snap on cover which protects both the operator and machine yet allows easy access for service.

• An innovative modular design that allows easy access to critical parts.

• Durable, see-through 3 qt. polyethylene fuel tank for at-a-glance fuel checks.

• Extra thick, cushioned handgrips absorb vibration to the operator.

• Superior rubber shock mounts further reduce vibration.

• Conveniently located heavy-duty, ergonomic throttle provides maximum durability for trouble-free operation.

• Quadruple fuel filtration system virtually eliminates contaminated fuel supply.

• Extra-large, heavy-duty, air filter system produces optimum airflow and maximum filter surface.

Same day parts support, unprecedented customer and technical service back these lightweight powerhouses.

Stone Construction Equipment, Inc. a 100% employee-owned American company is a leader in design, manufacture, and marketing of construction equipment. Right Built products distributed worldwide include concrete, mortar, and silo mixers, grout placing systems, hand-held compaction equipment, ride-on and walk-behind asphalt and dirt rollers, trench compactors, power trowels, material handling equipment including lifts and buggies, concrete / pavement and masonry block saws, diamond saw blades and concrete vibrators and screeds.

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