FastMeasure is a truly unique way to measure distance, whether in a car, truck, paver, grinder, crack router or anything that rolls. FastMeasure will give you accurate results without you having to hang your arm out the window while driving a vehicle or having to walk to the other end of a job then having to turn around and walk back to where you started.

  The following is a description of the installation procedures for the FastMeasure Distance Measuring Device.
1) Install a set of magnets on the driveshaft. They are easy to install and will not affect the balance of the driveline. Our magnet system is guaranteed not to come off unless removed with a hammer and chisel. Everything needed for attaching the magnets is included in the kit.
2) Mount the sensor bracket near the driveshaft and attach the stainless steel sensor within 1” of the top of the magnets. Run the wire lead into the vehicle under the dash, and connect it to the provided electrical terminal block.
3) Run 12 volts to the electrical terminal block.
4) Connect the FastMeasure display to the terminal block.
5) Mount the display on the dash with the provided dual lock (Velcro) tabs.
6) To calibrate, this is very easy, measure a line 328 feet or 100 meters, paint marks at both ends.
7) Reset the meter to 0 and drive 328 feet, stop, hold both buttons on the meter for 10 seconds. The meter will display a row of zeros, scroll to the right and change the meter to read 328.0’. The 2nd programming screen is for mph, kph or feet per minute. For miles per hour (default) leave at 60 or change it to 100 for kilometers per hour or 1 for feet per minute. Exit the programming mode and enjoy your FastMeasure.
  The superior magnetic sensor used by FastMeasure provides the most accurate reading at any speed and is not affected by dirt, snow, tar or other elements under a vehicle. FastMeasure does not tie into the VSS (vehicle speed sensing system) or the antilock brakes. Devices using these methods of calculating distance and speed are not always as accurate as FastMeasure. It takes about 1 hour to install the unit. Everything needed for the installation is included in the kit. The instruction manual is written very clearly and is easy to understand.

For further information contact FastMeasure at 888-876-6050, or visit there web site at http://www.Fast-Measure.com.