Whether it’s on Instagram or Facebook people are constantly talking and connecting online through social networks. According to the Pew Internet and American Life Project’s Report, for the first time, more than half of all adult Internet users (65 percent) now use social networks. Be sure to join in on the conversation so you don’t get left behind.

As a contractor, you can utilize social media networks like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and YouTube to engage your customers, interact with clients, market your business, educate potential clients, recruit employees, strengthen your brand, and build your company.

The best part is – it’s all free. Two main ones to get started with are Facebook and Instagram  Both have easy-to-use phone apps which means you can use them anywhere you go.


According to new research from Nielsen’s “The Social Media Report,” American internet users now devote more time to Facebook than any other website, spending a total of 53.5 billion minutes a month on the world’s largest social networking site. Take advantage of this and make your presence known on Facebook. It’s easy to create a Facebook business page for your company to engage and interact with your customers. To start, just go to http://www.facebook.com. Here are a few tips of how to utilize the platform:

• Use your logo as your profile picture to build your brand.
• Upload staff photos to add a human touch to your profile.
• Add an album of before-and-after photos of your successful paving jobs.
• Interact with your fans by asking and answering questions though wall posts.
• Post videos to show potential clients of what services you can provide.
• Connect with other business owners.
• And most importantly, listen. Listen to what your customers are saying and talking about, and figure out how you can help. Foster conversations and help them with their problems. Use your company’s Facebook profile to be the “voice” of your company.


Keep abreast of what’s happening by following clients and other business owners on Instagram. Let others know what your business is up to too. Start Instagram at http://www.instagram.com

• Brand your company by creating an Instagram profile page with your company colors set as the background image and you logo as your avatar.
• Have conversations and interact with clients.
• Share daily photos and stories.
• Become the go-to paving expert by answering industry-related questions.
• Ask questions of your own. Use IG to gather data and poll your customers. Keep others up to date on what your company is working on.

By using Facebook and Instagram as part of your marketing campaign, you are also increasing your search engine optimization. Your social media content, crawled by search engine bots, will turn up in search results. This will enhance your overall web presence. So what are you waiting for? Get logged on today. Not sure where to start? Just check out our social media accounts: http://www.facebook.com/ and http://www.instagram.com for some ideas.And, join Dominate Social Media for your Asphalt Business webinar.