According to the Seattle Times Newspaper, Washington State has become the first state in the nation to ban the use of coal tar asphalt sealants. The ban was the result of a nationwide push by groups opposed to coal tar sealants and the Washington State Legislature. You can click here to read the original article. This growing trend to ban coal tar has a huge impact on our industry. While coal tar manufacturers and associations have pointed to a number of critical flaws in the USGS coal tar studies leading to the bans, opposition – it seems – continues to grow momentum. Meanwhile, according to an ongoing poll on Paveman Pro, roughly 60% of sealcoating contractors prefer to use coal tar sealants. If you would like to keep with up this ongoing issue or get up to speed – here are a few resources you can access.

The Truth about Coal Tar
Pavement Coatings Technology Council
USGS Coal Tar Based Pavement Sealcoat & PAH's

Where do you stand on the recent coal tar sealer bans? What material does your company use? Do you believe the studies are flawed? 

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