(Cedar Falls, IA.) –  Wayne Sweepers, LLC produces a line of full-sized, highly automated street sweepers. Wayne’s newest model, the Centurion™, features a large touch screen with one-touch controls and a floating broom that adjusts to any road surface. Its StreetSmart™ sweeping system performs across a full range of debris, including millings. The unique IntelliPower™ system monitors brush wear and optimizes brush tip speed, maximizing brush life and minimizing replacement costs. The Centurion has a 6.8 cubic yard volumetric hopper and a patented vacuumized dust control system that meets demanding PM-10 requirements. Built on a rugged Isuzu (GMC) chassis with a cab-over design, the Centurion is equipped with a 300-horsepower, 7.8 liter diesel engine. Wayne’s Gladiator™ sweeper is also a highly-automated, mechanical sweeper with single-button sweeping control, state-of-the-art multiplexing, hydraulic-powered water pump and a 5 cubic yard volumetric hopper. Visit the Wayne Sweepers web site at http://www.wayneusa.com.