Centerline Supply, a leading parking lot products supplier, is pleased to announce the addition of Top Coat to its long list of products. Top Coat material is designed for use on rubberized running tracks, playgrounds and other similar surfaces. It is an extremely durable water based product that can be sprayed with an airless sprayer and cleaned up with soap and water. There are many benefits to using the new material. Top Coat will:

Extend the life of your rubberized surface

Stop surface granulation

Rejuvenate older surfaces with long lasting colors

Reduce surface temperatures

Save you from expensive repairs

To learn more about the Top Coat product contact Centerline Supply by visiting their website at http://www.centerlinesupply.com or calling one of their three locations.

Dallas/Ft Worth area: Jeff Tumlinson
530 Jesse Street, Grand Prairie TX 75075 Ph: 800.407.4600 – jeff.tumlinson@centerlinesupply.com

San Antonio Area: Doug Phillips
1731 S. San Marcos # 932, San Antonio TX 78207 Ph:800.407.4600 – doug.phillips@centerlinesupply.com

Phoenix AZ Area: Billy McDaniel
1301 E. Hadley Street, Phoenix AZ 85034 Ph:888.399.7911 – billymc@qwestoffice.net