CHARLOTTE – Bonsal American’s Pavement Maintenance division has selected American Sealcoat as its exclusive distributor in the New England market.  With new locations in Woburn, Mass. and Hartford, Conn., American Sealcoat will distribute Amguard and GemSeal branded pavement sealers exclusively in the Northeast.

The two locations will serve as a focal point for small and mid-sized sealcoat contractors by providing total sealcoating solutions, including sealer, latex modifiers, crack fillers, paints, tools, and related items.  Bonsal American’s plant in Millbury, Mass., will manufacture the sealer and continue to serve customers in close proximity to the plant, as well as customers requiring bulk deliveries.

“We look forward to working with our new partner,” said Mike Musto, president of American Sealcoat.  “Amguard and GemSeal have a history of high quality and consistent products.  Bonsal American also has a strong delivery fleet and an outstanding service culture to ensure that every load is delivered on time, which is critical to successfully serving our customers.”

“The addition of these new distributors will allow Bonsal American to serve small and mid-sized customers who were previously out of reach of our plant,” said Jeff Lax, vice president and general manager for Pavement Maintenance.

Bonsal American’s Pavement Maintenance division is headquartered in Charlotte, N.C., and provides commercial pavement maintenance contractors with the finest in professionally specified pavement coating products including pavement sealers, primers and patching materials.  Products are available across the Midwest, Northeast and Southeast and are sold in bulk to commercial contractors.  Bonsal American is a division of Oldcastle APG.  For more information on Bonsal American, call 1-800-738-1621 or visit the company’s website at http://www.bonsalamerican.com.