May 20th 2020 – Asphalt Kingdom has launched the innovative Surface Area Measurement Tool, an online-based mapping tool, to help professionals in the sealcoating and asphalt maintenance industry in calculating the amount of sealer or crackfill they would need per job site without having to visit the location physically.


Accurate, Efficient and Easy to Use

The Surface Area Measurement Tool uses Google satellite technology to find any location anywhere. Once an address is entered into the appropriate text box, the map can be zoomed in and out as needed. The closer the zoom is, the more accurate the measurement will be. Drop points or pins can then be added or removed to measure the asphalt surface area. Once the pins are in place, the user will be able to see area measurements in m², km², acres, hectares, and feet².

The tool also provides two types of calculators: one for sealer and one for crackfill. The users merely have to enter the square footage of the area based on the result provided by the mapping tool, and the calculator will provide an estimated amount of sealer or crackfill needed based on the input.


Helping the Industry Improve for the Better

“We’ve been working with our development team in getting the Surface Measurement Tool in place that allows contractors to calculate the perimeter and area of a potential job site without having to go there themselves. Our goal is to help professionals in the asphalt industry to save tons of time, energy, fuel and money but still be able to calculate how much sealer or crackfill material they would need per job,” said Judson Burdon, President and Founder of Asphalt Kingdom, regarding the purpose of the tool.


How to Use the Mapping Tool

The user simply has to sign up or login to an existing Asphalt Kingdom account. After successfully logging in, the user should click the “Map and Measure” option found on the left-hand side of the “My Account” page.

A free demonstration video on how to use the tool can be found on the Mapping Tool sign up page and on Youtube.