It’s tough out there these days, and if you’re like most sealcoating pros, the idea of adding staff right now seems crazy.   The training, the trial-and-error – and of course the costs of normal employee benefits – can all add up to too much of a risk.  You may have thought to yourself “I wish I could just clone myself.”

Well, although cloning yourself is still the stuff of science fiction, massively increasing your efficiency – up to six-fold – is not!  We’re proud to introduce our new Boom Sprayer Bar.  This bar lets you complete more square feet per minute than any walk-around sprayer ever could.  In fact, the Asphalt Kingdom spray bar has 6 spray tips covering a staggering 5 feet of spray.  This means you sealcoat 6 times faster – without adding a single person to your team! 

This boom sprayer is perfect for the commercial contractor who currently has a spray unit, and is looking for that extra kick to get the jobs done fast and with great results.

 The vertically-adjustable spray measures 6 feet across. It has a spray diameter of 5 feet when all six tips are engaged. We recommend you keep the spray bar from 16″ to 20″ from the surface you're spraying for best results. Spray while driving and get a perfect, even coating every time.

 Each #4 spray tip is individually controllable for maximum options. Spraying a golf cart path? Turn off the outer tips to get a more narrow dispersion with no overspray. You just drive and sealcoat – no walking and spraying side-to-side.

Have a large parking lot to complete? Turn on all spray tips and angle them to achieve a wide spray patter and get the job done in no time. 

This sealcoating boom spray bar is perfect for any asphalt sealer sprayer. We've designed it to mount anywhere you have a trailer hitch:

•        Pickup Truck

•        Utility Vehicle

•        ATV

•        Lawn Tractor

•        Golf Car 

With the addition of the spray boom to your sealcoating arsenal, no job becomes too big or timely to complete. Golf cart pathways, park pathways, and any surface that was too time-consuming before has now fallen within your reach! All you require is the spray boom fromwww.AsphaltKingdom.com to get the job done fast, perfectly finished and all in a fraction of the time compared to before.   Call our experts today to see if it’s the right equipment for your business: 1-866-399-5562