Asphalt Kingdom (http://www.asphaltkingdom.com), the leading online retailer of asphalt seal coating equipment and asphalt products, today announced drastic price cuts on their three top-selling models: a crack filler melter, crack pour pot, and a melter oven.

“We recognize that more and more people are trying to earn their own way and become their own boss, so we've been working with our suppliers to figure out how to aggressively cut costs while still providing quality products.  This is allowing more entrepreneurs to get started in their own businesses,” said Judd Burdon, founder and owner of the company.

The company has also recently added more ‘how-to’ courses to their website, a free resource designed to help a broader group of people to learn how to crack fill, seal coat and line stripe.  These courses and videos are proving enormously popular with new visitors.

In addition, the company has recently launched a series of products designed to help property owners and maintenance companies to line stripe their parking areas after sealcoating. Products range from professional-grade line striping machines to glass beaders that make paint reflective at night. 

Crackfilling, sealcoating and linestriping are increasing in popularity for all types of clients, from homeowners looking to “do it yourself”, to property owners and contractors looking for ways to increase the perceived value of a property quickly and inexpensively.  Compared with other major outdoor projects such as reroofing or landscaping, sealcoating adds instant visual appeal to any property at a fraction of the cost.

Equally as important as curb appeal, asphalt crack filling and seal coating work to preserve asphalt, extending its life and saving thousands of dollars in unnecessary repairs.  More and more people in this economic climate are realizing the importance of proper maintenance.  

These newly discounted products can be seen along with the entire Asphalt Kingdom line up at www.asphaltkingdom.com

About Asphalt Kingdom

Asphalt Kingdom is recognized by thousands of clients as the trusted source for asphalt and seal coat products and equipment. Founded by Judd Burdon, a successful professional seal coater, in 2004, AsphaltKingdom.com provides homeowners, franchisees and other professionals with the best prices, quality, and selection. Asphalt Kingdom has rapidly become a leading online retailer and a valuable resource for both property owners and asphalt industry professionals. For more information, go to http://www.asphaltkingdom.com or call 1-866-399-5562.