As the hot dry weather of summer approaches, most contractors are going full speed with their sealcoating jobs. Perhaps some have already experienced this often time overlooked dilema….Super hot days (over 98 degrees F.) can also cause over heated asphalt. Applying sealcoat material on super heated asphalt can cause the material to “Flash”- meaning it can show streaking, bubbles and/or tar balls in the sealer after application and as it dries. This situation does not happen all of the time, but it does happen under certain conditions. The best way to alleviate this problem, is to spray water over the parking lot or driveway to cool the asphalt down. The optimal outdoor temperature for sealer application is generally between 55 degrees F. to 95 degrees F.

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When “Flashing” does occur, it is recommended that the sealcoated areas are allowed to dry completely and to cure. Do not drive over the area until dry, as tracking might occur. (Complete cure may take up to two weeks).  If there is still discoloration and streaking, lightly dust the area with sealcoat spray to obtain acceptable color appearance.

These Words of Wisdom are from A-Line Asphalt Products, LLC- A SealMaster Product Supplier, 14 Rena Street, Newfield, NJ 08344, 856-697-0010 – www.alineasphaltproducts.com