M-B Companies’ attention to customer needs and high quality, user-friendly equipment continues as it debuted its Apollo thermo plastic hand liner at the recent NPE West show in Las Vegas with a FastMeasure Distance Measuring Device built on board.

This state-of–the-art measuring device automatically starts to count the line when the shoe is set on the pavement and the Apollo starts rolling. FastMeasure will measure distance in feet or meters and will display the speed in feet per minute or meters per minute, allowing the operator to maintain an accurate mil thickness without guessing.

The greatest benefit of having the measuring device installed on the hand liner, or any striping machine, is that it eliminates the need of a foreman or engineer to measure the job after completion for accurate accounting and billing.

For more information, contact the M-B Companies at 800-558-5800 or FastMeasure at 888-876-6050 – http://www.Fast-Measure.com