In addition to executing your asphalt maintenance jobs, you need to keep a pulse on dozens of other areas of your business. The top pro’s have spent years of valuable time, money, and manpower standing up a bulletproof process. Fortunately, you don’t have to. Paveman Proposals is ready to up the stakes.


Bid Winning Strategies in Asphalt Maintenance

Winning a bid goes beyond offering the lowest price for the service. You need to leave your customers feeling confident that they’ve found the right contractor, something that the right price doesn’t always guarantee. Following these tips ensures you create a lasting impression, develop trust with your customers, and leads to a higher conversion rate.


Know Your Cost of Operation

Before you start seeing customers, you need to have a ballpark figure in mind for how much you’ll spend on each job. Let’s face the facts: if you don’t truly know your operating cost, you’ll never truly know your net profit. Getting crystal clear on your numbers is an absolute must.


Offer A High-Quality Product

All the software in the world can’t help your asphalt maintenance company if you don’t offer a quality product. The single most critical piece of your product is actually your people. Train them carefully, and make sure everyone in your business is delivering killer results at all times. Oh, DO NOT cut corners on materials either. Ever.


Appearance Matters

Believe it or not, shorts and mismatched socks doesn’t inspire confidence in your potential customers. Keep a fresh, branded polo in your truck just in case. You never know when opportunity will knock.


Be The Expert Advisor

When you’re with customers, you must be able to answer their questions and break down multiple solutions to them. Having a proposal software that allows you to do calculations in the field and quote almost instantly is always a great look as well. Your expertise builds trust in you, your product, and your brand.


Local Web Presence

Having a web presence makes an enormous difference. This presence provides legitimacy and, if done correctly, useful information that drives visitors towards you and away from your competitors.

Don’t worry, this doesn’t have to be a complicated ordeal. A website with a home page highlighting your services, a Contact Us page, and an About Us page with a a brief overview of why you started your business will do just fine.


What Paveman Pro Business Software Does for Your Business


Paveman Pro consolidates all of the most critical components of your business into one, easy-to-use tool. In other words, Paveman Pro takes on all of the calculating, pencil pushing, and forecasting, leaving you with a clear picture of where you are in relation to your goals and with more hours in your day to roll your sleeves up and get the job done. It’s a game changing solution for small and large asphalt maintenance businesses alike.


Designed for Asphalt Work

Paveman Pro is designed by asphalt pro’s, for asphalt pro’s. We’ve taken the long route to success in this industry, and we know what a tool like Paveman Pro can do to accelerate growth. We’ve factored in all of the features you need for a massively successful operation so you don’t have to cobble them together. The shortest path to your destination is a straight line.


Easy to Read Dashboards

Paveman Pro is unlike any other proposal tool in asphalt maintenance. Keeping you in front of your numbers via an easy to understand dashboard does wonders for meeting your deadline and revenue targets. With Paveman Pro, you can see the entirety of your business in just a few simple graphs.



Paveman Pro is a fraction of the cost of other players in the market. All of the out-of-the-box features are designed specifically to make you more money, so the your return is apparent within one or two jobs.


Built-In To-Do Lists

An underrated feature of this software is the built-in to-do list function. It covers everything from accounts receivable to customer follow-up for initial appointments. It’s a great way to keep track of the many items you’re juggling on a day to day basis.


Client Portals

We believe that a true professional experience is end-to-end. Allowing clients to access a custom portal (with your branding) to access all of the necessities is a key differentiator when starting the bidding process. Customers can view their proposals, make payments, and communicate with your people with just a few clicks.


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