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Know WEATHER to Seal or Stripe - Free Webinar

Know WEATHER to Seal or Stripe - Free Webinar

by Lin Ehlen, PPP Catalog


Most contractors know that their toughest job-related decision is how to interpret weather conditions. If it is raining, the answer, unlike the sky, is clear – for the moment anyways. However, are you missing a window of opportunity if you call off all work for the entire day? Making the wrong decision costs both time and money.

As part of Professional Pavement Products’ continuing focus to encourage and expand the knowledge of Pavement Maintenance and Marking Contractors, they recently added a free webinar on the topic of weather to their education line up. This online event is available at no charge for any contractor interested in learning more about the four primary factors that affect whether you should be applying material to pavement. By understanding these factors and how they affect one another, you can improve your "go or no go" decision-making.

Join PPP’s founder, Greg Driskell, for this live broadcast on Tuesday, May 22, 2012 at 3 PM (eastern). Register now at:

In 2011, Professional Pavement Products launched the first and only weather indicator scale for the pavement industry. The free, dynamic website analyzes several critical weather factors needed for successful application of sealer and traffic paint and translates them into a simplified, color-coded rating or 0 to 10 for any 5-digit US zip code.

Know WEATHER to Seal or Stripe was selected for both National Pavement Expo 2012 and 2013. For additional Professional Pavement Products’ free online educational opportunities, please visit

About Professional Pavement Products and Greg Driskell

Since 1996, Jacksonville, Florida-based Professional Pavement Products is a leading provider of pavement maintenance and construction products for the improvement of safety and effectiveness of our roadways and parking areas. Professional Pavement Products carries over 800 products that are available for nationwide shipping or pick up from one of their six warehouse outlets located in Florida, Carolinas and Texas. For more information, call toll free (888) 717-7771 or visit

President and Founder of Professional Pavement Products, Greg Driskell, has spent over twenty years in the pavement industry as a contractor, supplier and manufacturer. Driskell has presented sessions at several industry conferences as well as private workshops for DOTs, LTAPs, and Customers. sealer and paint application indicator scale uses a proprietary formula developed by Driskell.