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The most important asset in any business? It’s people. When you invest in the growth of your people, the growth of your company becomes inevitable. Use our instructor-led courses to help you close more sales, build better teams, recruit better talent, and create a vibrant company that grows year after year.

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What one thing do growing companies both large and small have in common?  They TRAIN their people.  If you think your company is too small, too big, or too busy to train, you are setting yourself up to miss the opportunities that will result in rapid growth.  A lack of structure and a lack of traiing means a lack of organization, and that’s what the difference between having potential and seeing results is made.

As the the old story goes… The CFO asks “What if we train them and they leave?” and the CEO answers “What if we don’t and they stay?”

We’ve helped dozens of companies achieve and exceed their growth goals.

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Sales Grown

At the beginning of 2018, I had an aggressive sales goal in mind that I wanted to achieve and with the help of Brian’s sales training and mentorship, I was able to crush that number.

Josh Steffen, Louisville, KY

The best coaching and training does far more than just give you the tools necessary to be successful. The best coaches will light a fire of inspiration, focus, and discipline in you that makes you an unstoppable force.

We start with the foundation of PEOPLE FIRST in every training program we create. Once we create the attitude and discipline that it takes to win, the rest of what needs to happen gets a whole lot easier.

Don’t wait another minute to set yourself up for success – click here to enroll yourself, your trusted second-in-command, or your whole team.

Your team

Meet The Advisors Who Will Catapult Your Growth

Brian Hess

Brian Hess


Brian Hess’s decades of sales experience in Fortune 500 companies can help your company grow.

Kevin Gray

Kevin Gray

Operations Expert

Kevin Gray’s meteoric growth of ADC Paving is due to operational excellence – let him show you how to do the same for your company.

Judson Burdon

Judson Burdon

Sales Mentorship

Judd Burdon runs the web’s largest asphalt maintenance business and teaches people how to succeed when they are starting out. Let him light you up.

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