10 Year Pavement Maintenance Plan Template


Customer retention is now easier thanks to the Paveman Pro 10-Year pavement maintenance plan template.


You’ve mastered the art of acquiring customers, but do you know how to retain them? With Paveman Pro’s 10-Year Pavement Maintenance Plan Template, you can also master the art of keeping your customers happy and have recurring business year after year.


What is Paveman Pro’s 10-Year Pavement Maintenance Plan Template?

Our proposal template is a loyalty program and customer retention tool rolled in one. This customizable document helps you retain the best customers minus the hassle of coming up with your own proposal.


So what does it contain?

It contains a short and easy-to-understand explanation of the benefits of using your sealcoating and crack repair company for the next ten years or even beyond. Plus, it has a list of the strategies or steps that you will implement to ensure that your customers’ asphalt parking lots and driveways are maintained properly year after year.

With this document, there’s no more guesswork when it comes to pricing, as it allows you to outline the estimated cost of maintaining their driveways and parking lots in tip-top shape, as well as the price of each service.

And because the template is fully customizable, you don’t need to spend many hours writing and formatting your own proposal. Simply edit and personalize this professional-looking and easy-to-use document, and you’re ready to beat the competition and conquer the sealcoating and crack repair world.


It’s Not Just a Proposal Template

The Paveman Pro’s 10-Year Pavement Maintenance Plan Template is not just a simple tool for customer retention—it can also help you advertise your services to new and existing customers. Simply edit the document to include your business name and contact information, so your customers can call you whenever they need sealcoating or crack repair in the next few years.

The document can be emailed to your customer so they can view it on their smartphone or computer. But if you want to go old school, then go ahead and have it printed complete with your customer’s and your company’s details.